In Denmark we really love our red cabbage. Made this way it keeps and it also freezes really well. We eat it mainly in the colder months and especially around Christmas. It goes really well with all sorts of fried pork dishes and roast duck/goose/turkey. Try it as a side for Frikadeller – Danish meatballs or any other fried meat where the slight cut of the vinegar complements the meat.

I make my red cabbage in my Instant Pot pressure cooker, but I will also add instructions for how to cook it on the stove-top.


  • 1 head of red cabbage weighing 1 kg
  • 50 g butter (or duck/goose fat, if you have any)
  • 100 ml vinegar
  • 200 ml red currant juice
  • 1 tsp salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 2 tbsp sugar


Peel off the outermost leaves of the red cabbage. Split it in half and remove the core. Cut into thin ribbons (around ½ cm wide).

Electric Pressure cooker option:

Put your cooker in sauté or browning mode and add the fat. When fat is melted add the cabbage and sauté until slightly wilted while stirring regularly for around 5 minutes.

Add vinegar and cook on high heat for a couple of minutes. Add the red currant juice, salt, pepper and sugar and stir to combine.

Lock the pressure cooker’s lid on and set vent to ‘sealing’. Set you cooker to cook for 12 minutes at high pressure. When pressure cooking time ends do a quick pressure release. Remove lid and sauté to evaporate a little of the liquid. Taste to season with more sugar if desired. Remember this is not supposed to be a sweet dish.

Stove-top option:

Get out a Dutch oven or big pot. Heat over medium heat and melt the fat. Add the cabbage and sauté for around 5 minutes while stirring regularly until cabbage has wilted slightly.

Turn up the heat and add the vinegar. Cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the red currant juice, salt pepper and sugar and stir to combine. Lower the heat and let the cabbage simmer under a lid for 1 hour. Stir regularly. Season to taste with more sugar, if desired. Remember it’s not supposed to be a sweet dish.


Red cabbage reheats well, also in the microwave and freezes well too.